Buying Jewelry Online for the HolidaysThe holidays are a stressful time of year. There’s so much to do and it always feels like there’s too little time. So it was a bit anxiety inducing trying to buy diamond jewelry for my wife with only 2 weeks left until Christmas time. Sometimes, though, all the stars align and everything works out fine.

So about a week and a half ago I started looking online for jewelry stores but couldn’t decide who I wanted to purchase from. So I found a site called Executive Ice who reviewed the best places to buy diamonds online.

Jewelry Box With Necklace in ItIt was probably the best move to make. This way I was able to find a great jeweler that I could trust.

But let’s back up a little bit. I didn’t want to shop in person even though it would’ve alleviated the anxiety of estimating shipping times. The reason was because I didn’t want to spend more than I had to.

You might be thinking what’s wrong with me – it’s your wife, spend the money! But that’s not the point, I’m fundamentally opposed to inefficient ways of doing things. And shopping in person and paying for unnecessary overhead is not efficient.

Putting Jewelry OnSo back to the story – I found a great diamond necklace and decided to just pull the trigger.

And I wasn’t too sure how long it would take to ship. But when I spoke to the customer service reps they said I’d probably be ok. I mean, if Amazon can ship in one day, why can’t some random jewelry store?

So then I had to wait.

I waited, and waited.

Wondering if I’d actually get the gift in time or I’d have to explain what happened to my wife.

Examing My GiftAnd then today, I GOT THE PACKAGE! And I was so happy! I’m still not sure why it took so long, normally it should only take a few days, but there was a postal strike going on in my area and I guess it delayed things.

I’m sure if the strike wasn’t going on the precious diamond necklace I bought for a gift online would’ve arrived in a few days.

So this is my testimony that even if you only have a few days to get a gift, buying a diamond online is probably an ok choice! You may add a little more stress to your life, but it’s the Christmas season and that’s what it’s all about! Kidding 🙂