All singers need microphones so they can amplify the volume of their voices whenever they perform in front of an audience. There are many microphones available for singing and recording, but the big question is, what is the best microphone for singing? The truth is that most of the top quality microphones for vocals cost no less than $3000, which is a pretty ridiculous price for basic studios. However, there are still plenty of affordable alternatives available in the market. In this post we are going to give a list of the best microphones that you can get for an affordable price. Learn more about podcast microphones at

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Shure SM58

The first microphone on our list is the SM58 from Shure. This one has had the distinct honor of being labelled as the world’s most popular microphone for vocals. Try searching for pictures of some of your favourite singers on Google and you’ll see that 90 percent of them are using the SM58. Why is it such a popular choice among music artists though?

It is the perfect mic for live performances because of its rugged casing, ergonomic capsule, and its resistance to feedback. It also works well in the studio as well. The best thing about it is that this microphone only costs $100, making it a good choice for any studio.

Rode NT1A

Rode microphones are probably the best of the best as far as mid-priced vocal mics are concerned. The Rode NT1A is used in many home studios all over the world. They have very good sound quality, are quite affordable, and have a very solid reputation within the music community, so you simply cannot go wrong with them.

Sennheiser MD421

While it is not thought of as your traditional vocal mic, the MD421 from Sennheiser is still considered to be the very best all-around dynamic microphone in the entire planet. Is it great on vocals? Absolutely, but it can also do so much more. It also works well with bass, drums, electric guitars, percussions and just about anything else that you can think of. This is the mic that you should get if you are after something versatile.

Rode NTK

Remember those old tube microphones that they used to have back in the 1960’s? Just ask any expert and they will tell you that these mics are the absolute best as far as vocals are concerned. The only problem is that most tube mics can cost up to $3000. However, the Rode NTK is an exception since you can buy it for under $700. This is a highly recommended microphone in case you are after a more vintage sound.